What kids say

DC—4th grade.. Elementary School in Waynesboro, Georgia

Thank you for taking time out of your job to come to our school to tell us about cowboys and their history.  I like the part when you told us about the horse knocking your hat off.

CS—1st grade ..Elementary School in North Augusta, South Carolina

Thank you for coming.  I miss you a lot. I hope you can come back.  I hope you get a hors (sic).

KW—4th grade…Elementary School in Marietta, Georgia

I really enjoyed your presentation.  It was so awesome!  I barely knew anything about cowboys, until you came in!  I know everything now.

TL—-3rd grade..Elementary School in Hephzibah, Georgia

You did a good job.  I want you to come back again. I like your boots in your Levis, in your chaps, in your Stetson.

CM—-3rd grade…Elementary School in Dearing, Georgia

Thank you for coming to our class. I liked the spurs.  I liked (it) win you said they wiggd  and they giggd.  (jingled, jangled, jingled)

A friend—-5th grade…Elementary School in Augusta, Georgia

You were dressed just like a cowboy.  Everybody was laughing to themselves when you put on those chaps.  I wish I could take a trip to where you teach.

FS—-3rd grade..Elementary School in Augusta, Georgia

I learned a lot about cowboys from you. I learned that cowboys used bandanas all kinds of ways and I also learned that cowboys give horses water out of their hats.  I think every body enjoyed you.  I did if any one else didn’t.